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550CA / 10.15AH Lithium-Ion Starting Battery with Charger

  • Model: BC-BTX30L-CH

550CA / 10.15 Amp Hour Lithium-Ion Starting Battery with Charger

This Saddle Tramp lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery is extremely lightweight while remaining long-lasting, reliable, and vibration-resistant. It provides a quick energy discharge to keep motorcycles running, even after time in storage. Internal components are sectioned into independent cells that make for a safer battery that is less likely to short out if damaged. This lithium-ion starting battery is perfect for providing reliable power for Harley-Davidson® and other motorcycles, but can also be used in other applications such as powersports, stereo systems, RVs, marine, solar energy storage, lawn mowers, and more. It is designed to recharge extremely quickly, have a longer shelf life during storage, and operate through many more cycles than conventional batteries. A charger is included in this package to ensure that your motorcycle is always ready to ride.


  • - Applications for motorcycles, including Harley-Davidson┬«, stereo systems, RVs, lawn mowers, marine, solar energy storage, and more
  • - 3-Amp charger included (L 4.52"x W 1.88"x H 1.1")
  • - Built-in short circuit protection
  • - Battery terminal hardware included
  • - Quick recharge time - 90% recharge in less than 6 minutes
  • - Lead-free, dry cell battery eliminates risk of spill
  • - 1-year limited warranty


  • - Lithium-ion technology
  • - 550 Cranking amps
  • - 128 Wh
  • - 10.15AH
  • - Voltage protection: 9V - 15.6V
  • - 12.8 volts
  • - Long life - over 1500 cycles
  • - Extremely lightweight
  • - 6.61"x5"x6.96"

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