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140CA / 4 Amp Hours Lithium-ion Battery

  • Model: LI-BTX4L

140CA / 4 Amp Hours Lithium-ion Battery

Shuriken lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are a great choice for situations where the power source needs to be lightweight and compact, with a quick energy discharge. These batteries are extremely lightweight while remaining long-lasting, reliable, and vibration-resistant. Internal components are sectioned into independent cells that make for a safer battery that is less likely to short out if damaged. This Shuriken lithium-ion battery is perfect for providing reliable power for numerous applications, including stereo systems, RVs, marine, solar energy storage, and more. It is designed to recharge extremely quickly, have a longer shelf life during storage, and operate through many more cycles than conventional batteries.


  • + For stereo systems, RVs, marine, solar energy storage, and general usage applications
  • + Built-in short circuit protection
  • + Battery terminal hardware included: M5 bolt
  • + Quick recharge time - 90% recharge in less than 6 minutes
  • + Lead-free, dry cell battery eliminates risk of spill
  • + 1-year limited warranty


  • - Lithium-ion technology
  • - 140 Cranking amps
  • - 25.6 Wh
  • - 4AH
  • - Voltage protection: 9V - 15.6V
  • - 12.8 volts
  • - Long life - over 1500 cycles
  • - Extremely lightweight
  • - 4.44"x2.75"x3.34"

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